Vice Chancellor of Students Affairs

Student affairs office is one of the key units of the university, which is responsible for providing a large part of services related to students and graduates. The key activities of this department include things such as planning graduation celebrations, preparing and going through the stages of graduate documents, providing confirmation/confirmation of status and graduation, preparing basic books (semester and graduation), organizing and managing documents, attendance and apartments. Organizes exams for bachelor's programs and provides communication with the Ministry of Higher Education.

Job Requirements:

Graduated from National of international universities (Master degree)
Ability to communicate clearly and work well with others in a team environment

Fluency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding of English and Local Language(s).

Having good knowledge of computer skill specially in MS Office program.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills 
Superb organizational and time management skills.
Excellent decision-making skills and communication.
Great management and leadership skills.

Submission Guideline:

فورم استخدام